Bayesian Alignment

The following functions align functional data in the srsf framework using a Bayesian approach. These functions are experimental and results are not fully tested


pair_warping_baye(f1, f2; iter=15000, times=5, powera=1)

Compute pair warping between two functions using Bayesian method

  • f1, f2 vectors describing functions
  • iter number of iterations
  • times MCMC parameter
  • powera MCMC parameter

Returns Dict containing:

  • f1 function f1,
  • f2_q srsf registration,
  • gam_q warping funtion,
  • f2a registered f2,
  • gam warping function,
  • dist_collect distance,
  • best_match best match,
group_warping_bayes(f; iter=20000, times=5, powera=1)

Group alignment of functions using Bayesian method

  • f array (M,N) of N functions,
  • iter number of MCMC iterations,
  • times time slicing,
  • powera MCMC parameter,

Returns Dict containing:

  • f_q registered srvfs
  • gam_q warping functions
  • f_a registered functions
  • gam_a warping functions